Nordstrand bass-pickups for electric bass – made in USA:

traditional bass pickups:

these are regular pickups, as a replacement for J-style and p-style basses. There are really classic singlecoils, and hum free versions, with different wirings, and different wires (material) and magnet-material. For 4, 5 and  6-string basses.

modern bass pickups:

this means the MM design. also in different versions.

signature bass pickups:

Original design and manufacturing from Nordstrand: Here we can see how competent and innovative and „open-minded“ this little high dedicated company with his master-brain Carey Nordstrand is: This really gains the pickup-world !! Pickups like the „Big-Singles“ , „Fat Stacks“ and „Big Man“ offers new possibilities for new basses or even as replacements – to bring back an old instrument with good genes to a new and / or better live.

Here you will find the good and beloved soapbar-housed models: Big Singles, Big Splits, Fat Stacks, Dual-Coils, Neo Blades. And in the MM-covers there is such as the new BigMan, or you find such an exotic one like the  nm4 as a replacement for a Mustang Bass®- but this one has no cover. 😉

klassische Bauformen der 4-Saiter Basstonabnehmer – J-Style und P-Style

Nordstrand J-Style Tonabnehmer

Nordstrand P-Style Tonabnehmer