We have NORDSTRAND-Pickups on sale.

nordstrand pickups on sale

These fantastic pickups from USA for electric bass and electric guitar and the onboard bass-preamps are available from here.

We are working on our webshop in the backround and please contact us via email in the meantime if you need Info about delivery time and prices etc.

The range of different designs, and configuration of the pickups is really wide, and we are shure there is the right one (set) for you !!


since a few weeks there is also AlNiCo III as a magnet-material available on several pickups.

This is what Carey Nordstrand says about the AlNiCo III:

… following the incredible reception of the alnico III nvt tele pickup set, nordstrand pickups has decided to expand the use of alnico III into a full line of bass pickups. extensive testing has revealed alnico III to be a fantastic magnet for bass pickups – it’s sweeter, more organic, and has a depth and richness that is beguiling and engaging. these characteristics reveal themselves even more when the pickup is pushed to the edge and played hard…

the following pickup models are now available in alnico III:

  •   nj4, nj5, nj6
  •   np4, np4v, np5, np5v, np5f, all 51p configurations
  •   big singles, bigman
  •   dual coils


Carey Nordstrand talkes about the beginning of the „Big Singles“ ….